Transform Your Business with
Service Experience Management

The key to amazing customer experiences is exceptional support experiences — featuring the latest in visual AR interactions, instruction, and personalized content.

As regions of the world emerge from the global pandemic, organizations everywhere realize new service models that rely on remote resolution, collaboration, and engagement are absolutely crucial.

The new goals for achieving success and relevance with customers are clear:

  • Provide service employees with new tools that optimize remote support
  • Engage customers with ease while providing  direction and resolution with a personalized touch

Service Experience Management (or SXM) is an approach that covers these challenges by putting both service employees and customers at the center of a business.

To learn more about this game-changing support concept, download the new IDC Tech Spotlight, "Connected Service: From Reactive to Dynamic Collaborative Resolution" and optionally schedule a demo with a CareAR expert to see how an innovative SXM solution can take your support teams to the next level.

Additional Resources:

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IDC Tech Spotlight