CareAR Expedites Printer Installation Impacted by Covid-19 International Border Closures

One of Xerox’s most important Canadian clients was ready to install a sophisticated Xerox ink jet printer. However, the Trivor 2400 isn’t easy to get up and running; it requires trained specialists, along with specific tools and techniques. The US-based installation team that usually handles such projects was all set to visit its neighbor up north, except for one wrinkle: restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic prevented them from crossing the border.

“We had to find a way to close the gap, of not having our team physically there but yet provide the support that the local team had on site,” said Carlos Lopez, systems engineer at Xerox. It needed a remote solution to assist the untrained team in Canada with the complicated set-up.

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CareAR Powers Smart Handz to Save Up to 85% on Support Costs

Service IT Direct’s new Smart Handz solution provides real-time visual augmented reality assistance, guidance, and compliance for onsite customers and field workers. It’s the best of both worlds—virtual support by an expert who can see what customers see. Customers no longer need to rely on only their local support agent—now they have access to a national network of agents best suited to address their needs.

Remote experts can virtually assess the situation and visually guide customers and engineers, intuitively using a suite of augmented reality tools via desktop computer, mobile devices, or smart glasses, as if they were there in person. Smart Handz’s end-to-end integration allows customers to instantly capture images during the service session. This content is automatically saved in the Smart Handz secure cloud, enhancing knowledge transfer and ensuring proof of work completed for compliance.

Visually Resolve Issues Remotely Using Enterprise Augmented Reality

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